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Minkee Monster Madness!

Minkee Monster Madness!

I’m having fun with the design card “Minkee┬áMonsters” from Every Stitch Counts. There are fifteen “completed in the hoop” monsters plus┬áten applique monsters! And they are so cute!

Minkee Monsters

Monster close up

Two of the monsters have pockets that can be used to insert a gift card, money or even as a tooth fairy pillow. The instructions to create the stitch and turn designs are included on the CD.

Minkee Monster Appliques

I used Cuddle fabric from Shannon for some of the Monsters. A six-inch cut (across the width of the fabric) will easily make 3 Monsters with left over fabric for appliques on sweatshirts, t-shirts or anything. I used my left overs for the wall hanging. What fun!